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fleetcompetence Group

National and international mobility strategies that are cost-effective and sustainable

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Companies depend on employee mobility to serve the needs of their customers, who must be acquired, supplied, and served. This will remain a key issue in the future, in a world with global division of labour, specialized in different skills and capabilities.
The fleetcompetence Group supports you in the development and implementation of an economic, modern, and sustainable mobility in your company. This starts with the definition of the strategy, goes through the development of supplier concepts, the execution of tenders, the monitoring of contract negotiations, until successful implementation.

In a globalized economy, international fleet management strategies are becoming increasingly important. With our highly-qualified consulting partners and innovative tools, we support your goals - around the world.

Understanding and transparency for complex processes in fleet management - this is another focus for us. That is why we train fleet managers and service providers - including a university-certified course.

Thereby we follow our guideline: We share fleet-expertise: Independent – International - Innovative

We look forward to meeting your strategic objectives and to support you in the implementation.

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