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Case Studies

Establishment of a new fleet management concept for an energy supplier

stock-photo-4093168-compassThe CFO of the company, with a fleet of about 300 vehicles, wanted to make the existing system comprehensively to the test. The fleet -internally managed- should be extensively studied in terms of costs, policies, sustainability and processes. Then fleetcompetence europe led by an analysis, which concerned the fields of management processes, cost and the environment. Based on the knowledge gained on the optimization possibilities, the expert team of fleetcompetence europe led subsequently to a tender for the selection of an external fleet management service, which should help the company in future. We accompanied the successful project of the contract negotiation to the final implementation.

Analysis of fleet management processes of a large fleet operator

This project started based upon a brief of the Board to analyse, whether the currently internally conducted fleet management is efficient or could be better implemented by an external service provider. The customer operated several thousands of cars, LCVs, trucks and specialized Vehicles. Fleetcompetence europe carried out in-depth discussions and interviews with members of the fleet management team to create a comprehensive picture of the current situation. This was compared with benchmark data and led to an extensive SWOT analysis, based on which optimization measures were initiated.

Developing and implementing a new mobility concept for a large consulting company

The client had previously purchased company cars and managed the fleet of approximately 300 vehicles internally. In the future, cars should be leased and the car policy refreshed. The management of the fleet should be carried out by an external service provider in the future. Fleetcompetence europe conducted a tender that made it clear that the selection of a single leasing company could not ensure sustainable low costs because of the customers' "User Chooser Policy ". The decision was finally to establish a multi-Bidding concept in which several leasing companies offer in a permanent competition for each new vehicle. At the same time fleetcompetence europe supported the implementation of a specialized fleet management service provider. We accompanied the intense contract negotiations with the leasing companies and the following implementation.

Conceptual design and implementation of a fleet management tender for a major international corporation

Our client in this project operates a global fleet of tens of thousands of cars worldwide. To implement a multi-Bidding concept in several European markets a Fleet management provider should be selected through an international tender. Fleetcompetence europe developed the concept for this tender and conducted it in the first phase. The specialist team designed a tender concept with requirements defined for each country, including an evaluation concept. It accompanied the preparatory supplier meetings and led the subsequent bidding process. Based on the evaluation fleetcompetence europe moderated presentations of the service providers and proposed a short-list. This support enabled the customer, to implement the project within the foreseen timeline.